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Power Curbs in China’s Sichuan Extended to Thursday – SCMP

Officials in western Sichuan province have maintained their ban on industrial facilities using power until Thursday, when rain has been forecast, a report on Sunday said

A chain that holds a boat jetty lies exposed on the dried-up riverbed of the Jialing river, in Chongqing, August 18, 2022. Photo: Thomas Peter, Reuters.


Officials in China’s Sichuan look to have extended power curbs in the western province after the provincial government warned on Sunday that the heatwave crisis was a “grave situation” that had created unprecedented demand for power, so the situation will be reassessed on Thursday, when rain is forecast, a report by the South China Morning Post said on August 21.

A statement from local authorities said “there are severe power shortages because of the extreme high temperature disaster and the drought”, and their warning on this was at the highest level under a four-tier system introduced earlier this year which meant the province “can ask the central government for emergency power supplies”, the report said, adding that a message on the State Grid hotline in Dazhou said: “Industrial power use has not resumed as the focus is still on ensuring [enough for] residential use, although that is being rationed .. resumption of normal supplies depends on the weather. Rain is expected on [Thursday] August 25.”

Read the full report: SCMP.



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