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Shionogi & Co Shares Rise on Covid-19 Pill Trial Results

The coronavirus viral load fell by as much as 80% after four days and three doses compared with those who took only a placebo

The Japanese pharmaceutical maker has global aspirations for its pill, saying last week it would launch a phase 3 trial worldwide with US government support. Photo: Shionogi & Co.


Shares in Japanese drugmaker Shionogi & Co rose for a second day on Wednesday following the announcement that its antiviral pill for Covid-19 had been found to be effective.

The shares rose as much as 4% – following a 10% gain on Tuesday on the news that the pill reduced the levels of the virus in patients who tested positive for Covid-19.

The viral load fell by as much as 80% after four days and three doses compared with those who took a placebo. Patients who took a lower dose of the drug saw virus levels fall by 63% compared with the placebo.

The rally has come after a difficult January for Shionogi shares, which lost nearly 20% during the month.

“The new data shows that the drug, S-217622, reduces the viral load in patients’ blood at roughly the same rate as Pfizer‘s Paxlovid,” Stephen Barker, equity analyst at Jefferies in Tokyo, said.

“Shionogi’s third-quarter financial results were weaker than expected, but the good news on S-217622 is likely to outweigh those concerns,” he added.


  • George Russell




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