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Latest News: Climate Change

Scientists Build Carbon-Consuming Electricity Generator – ABC
Global Coal Capacity Growth Blamed on China, EU, US – FT
South Korea’s $313bn Loan Plan For Carbon-Cutting Projects
China Told to Expect More Heatwaves, Extreme Weather in 2024
India Taps AI in Forecasts as Extreme Weather Weighs on Economy
China Vows to Curb Coal Use to Tackle Poor Air Quality
Cities Lead COP28 Climate Change Push as Nations Fail to Deliver
China Carmakers Lead EV Race But Lag in Carbon Shift – SCMP
Toxic Haze Sparks Blame Game Across Southeast Asia Again
China Adds Himalaya Peak Weather Station Amid Climate Concerns
Japanese Scientists Find Microplastics in Clouds – Aljazeera
Fossil Fuel Phase-Out ‘Unrealistic’, China Climate Chief Warns

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