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Latest News: TikTok

Storytelling App ReelShort’s Dramatic US Rise – Economist
TikTok ‘Concerned’ at Indonesia Social Media E-Commerce Ban
TikTok Hit With $370m EU Fine Over Children’s Data Breaches
TikTok Emerges as Preferred News Platform of Young Adults
China’s TikTok Sues Montana Over Statewide Ban
TikTok Staff Spied on UK Journo Through Her Cat’s Account – BBC
Australia Bans TikTok Risking Ongoing Trade Talks With China
US Big Tech Gather Data Too, Says Senator Opposing TikTok Ban
Beijing Slams US for TikTok CEO’s ‘Hostile’ Congress Hearing
TikTok CEO to Tell US Lawmakers: ‘We’ve Never Shared Data’
TikTok Facing US Ban if Chinese Owners Don’t Sell Stakes

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