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The E-Rupee: India Plans Its Own Digital Currency – Nikkei

The Reserve Bank of India said in a paper this month that the ‘e-rupee’ will have “limited pilot launches” next fiscal year, Nikkei said.

An image of an Indian rupee note. File photo: Reuters.
India started exploring a rupee settlement mechanism with Russia soon after the invasion of Ukraine. Photo: Reuters


India has joined the likes of China, Russia, and South Korea in piloting its own official digital currency, known as the ‘e-rupee’, Nikkei Asia reported.

The Reserve Bank of India has been sceptical about legalising cryptocurrencies but it said in January last year that it would investigate use of a digital currency.

Then in February this year the central bank said that a digital currency may save operational costs — in terms of printing, distributing and storing currency notes.

And in a paper this month, the RBI said the ‘e-rupee’ will have “limited pilot launches” next fiscal year, according to the report, but the bank has yet to give a timeframe for the digital rupee’s release.

Read the full report: Nikkei Asia.



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Alfie Habershon

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