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Digital Rupee Will Help Cut RBI’s Operational Costs – ET

For every 100-rupee note, the cost works out to be 15-17% on each tender in its four-year life cycle, the report said citing a market estimate

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Indian merchant payments and lending platform Pine Labs has acquired fintech infrastructure provider Setu for about $75  million, Mint reported.
Last valued at $5 billion, Pine Labs has been looking to diversify beyond merchant payments. Photo: Reuters.


A digital currency is likely to save operational costs — of printing, distributing and storing currency notes — for the Reserve Bank of India, with a portion of the fiat money in circulation being replaced with online tender, The Economic Times reported.

For every 100-rupee note, the cost works out to be 15-17% on each tender in its four-year life cycle, the report said, citing a market estimate.

Read the full report: The Economic Times.





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