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Latest News: Aviation

Cathay Pacific To Hire 4,000 Staff in ‘Growth Mode’ – SCMP
Indonesia’s Garuda Bids to Delay Vote on Debt Overhaul
Fernandes Plans US Listing for AirAsia, Super App – FT
Singapore to Launch Sustainable Jet Fuel Credit System
Airlines in China to Get $492m Rescue Package With Conditions
Bain Raises $2bn For Asia ‘Special Situations Fund’
Russian Setbacks Spur China Focus on Smart Drones – SCMP
PLA Navy Poised to Acquire Third Aircraft Carrier – WSJ
Air Taxi Operator Joby Wins First Regulatory Approval
China Bans ‘Russian Planes’ Flying Through Its Airspace – Airways
China Using Drones to Map And Survey Antarctica
Probe Explores if China Eastern Jet Crash in March was Deliberate

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