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TSMC Shuts if China Invades Taiwan, Says Boss – Focus Taiwan

TSMC factories would cease to operate if China invaded Taiwan, company chairman Mark Liu warns, reminding Beijing there are “no winners” if a country declares war

A US plan to stop Dutch semiconductor manufacturing supplier ASML selling gear to China's chip industry sent its shares plunging on Tuesday.
Trainees learn how to operate an extreme ultra-violet (EUV) machine at ASML in Tainan, Taiwan. File photo: Reuters.


Factories run by the world’s most advanced chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, would become “non operable” if China invades the island nation, its chairman Mark Liu said on Sunday, because the group’s machines were extremely sophisticated, Focus Taiwan reported, citing an interview with CNN.

Shutting down production would create “great economic turmoil” on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Liu was quoted as saying in the report, saying that – like Ukraine – there would be “no winners” on either side.

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