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US Navy Sent to Alaska Over 11 Russia, China Warships – KTUU

US Navy destroyers were dispatched to Alaskan waters on Saturday after the “unprecedented” arrival of 11 Russian and Chinese warships “doing freedom of navigation” operations

Four US Navy warships were sent to waters off Alaska on the weekend after 11 Russian and Chinese military vessels staged 'freedom of navigation' operations, news reports said.
A group of naval vessels from Russia and China conduct a joint maritime military patrol in the Pacific Ocean, in this still image taken from video released on October 23, 2021. Russian Defence Ministry handout via Reuters.


Four US Navy destroyers were dispatched to the Aleutian Islands on Saturday after the “unprecedented” arrival of 11 Russian and Chinese warships “doing freedom of navigation operations” in Alaskan waters, according to US Senator Dan Sullivan, KTUU (the Alaska News Source) reported, which noted that vessels and surveillance aircraft from those foreign military services entered Alaskan defence areas in both 2021 and 2022.

The incursions “highlight a need to establish a US navy base in the far north”, according to Sullivan, who said that while there had been a significant Coast Guard build-up in Alaska, Russia had a far larger fleet of icebreakers – 54, including nuclear-powered vessels, compared to two US icebreakers, one of which is “broken”. But he said significant progress had been made on planning for a deepwater port in Nome, as geopolitical tension with foreign powers intensifies.

Read the full report: KTUU.




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