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US Set to Double Tariffs on Chinese Semiconductors in 2025 – TH

The reported move comes after US President Joe Biden announced sweeping tariff increases on Chinese chip, EV, battery and solar cell imports

US and China flags are seen with printed circuit boards with computer chips (file Reuters image).


The US is poised to double its tariffs on Chinese semiconductors next year, Tom’s Hardware reported, as the White House shows no signs of letting up on its squeeze on China’s tech industry. 

According to a White House press release, tariffs on Chinese chips will increase from 25% to 50% in 2025, effectively doubling its tax rate, the story went on, as it also seeks to protect its $280 billion investment in its own semiconductor industry.

Biden’s 2022 CHIPS Act has seen the administration try to entice American semiconductor companies like Intel and international companies like TSMC to set up shop in the US, while at the same time it tries to prevent its own high-end tech falling into the hands of China’s military.

Read the full story: Tom’s Hardware


  • By Sean O’Meara


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