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US Tech Boosted China’s Hypersonic Missile Projects – WaPo

Researchers in China’s hypersonic and missiles programme have managed to obtain specialized US technology, such as advanced software products, via private resellers or research bodies

Advanced US technology such as software relating to hypersonic missiles appears to have been obtained by Chinese military bodies via resellers or unscrupulous company employees.
A Chinese scientist involved in hypersonics research allegedly said that foreign tech acquired by one military research group often flows to other research bodies. Image: Canva.


Military researchers at the cutting edge of China’s hypersonic and general missiles programme, including “many on a US export blacklist”, have managed to obtain specialized American technology, such as advanced software products, via private Chinese firms or research academies, an investigation by the Washington Post has found.

The paper said it had “mapped more than 300 sales since 2019 of US-origin technology to dozens of entities involved in China’s hypersonics or missile programmes”, and found products by nearly 50 US firms that were sold through intermediaries over that period, by analyzing contracts and speaking to Chinese scientists working in military labs and universities, “who described almost unfettered access to American technology with applications in the design and testing of missiles”, including products developed after grants worth millions of dollars from the Pentagon.

Read the full report: Washington Post.





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Jim Pollard

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