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Xi is Bigger Threat Than Putin: Ex-Canadian PM – Globe+Mail

Former PM Stephen Harper has rated China’s paramount leader as a greater long-term threat to democracies around the world than Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Chinese officials are said to have privately taken credit for getting Putin to back down from his nuclear blackmail after multiple veiled and open threats to use such weapons in Ukraine.
Putin and Xi will take part in a gala evening celebrating 75 years since the Soviet Union recognised the People's Republic of China. This image shows them at a reception at the Kremlin in March 2023 (Sputnik via Reuters).


Stephen Harper, who was Canada’s prime minister from 2006 to 2015, has described China’s top leader as a far greater threat to democracies around the world than Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a report by the Globe and Mail, which noted that Harper, who spoke at a hotel in Vancouver last Thursday, believed China’s political interference in Canada is likely to be more severe than what is already known, in terms of seeking to influence elections and intrude on his country’s political machinations.

Harper – who urges an end of what he calls “naive globalism” – was quoted as saying: “Xi Jinping is a much more long-term, serious threat than Putin,” in the report, explaining that under Xi, China wants “to create a new world order, a hub-and-spokes global economy where all authority is ultimately centred in Beijing.”

Read the full report: Globe and Mail.



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Jim Pollard

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