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AFTV – China’s provinces brawl over Evergrande assets

Since news broke on December 3 of Guangdong province’s de facto takeover of ailing property giant China Evergrande, provinces like Jiangsu and Zhejiang on the east coast are rushing to seize the company’s local assets.

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The scrum underscores how much is at stake for local governments as China Evergrande teeters on the brink of bankruptcy with more than $300 billion of debt after Fitch Ratings declared it in default on December 9 for failing to make bond coupon payments of $82.5 million.

China Evergrande’s interim report noted that China Zheshang Bank in Zhejiang, Huishang Bank in Anhui, Bank of Luoyang in Henan were among its principal settlement and transaction banks.

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