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Asia Financial rebrands to celebrate new indexes

Asia Times Financial has unveiled a new brand identity as it celebrates the rollout of its new indices platform – index.asiatimesfinancial.com – together with the launch of its two new indexes.

Wholly owned by Hong Kong-based Capital Link International, Asia Times Financial is the only media-branded index group in Asia that combines accurate and credible emerging market financial news with expert next-generation scalable indices.

The ATF China Bond 50 Index launched in April 2020 alongside the www.asiatimesfinancial.com news media platform, and this index is now joined by the ATF Global Fintech Leaders Index and the ATF Global Green Energy Transport and Technology Leaders Index.

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Uniquely, the Asia Times Financial media ecosystem examines and explains critically important Asian thematics that include emerging fixed income markets, China-US trade relationships and new or changing Asia-facing tech, energy and finance sectors.

It does this with its benchmarked index families as well as its expert news, commentary and analysis, and is supported by an innovative suite of multimedia and social media tools – and by the ATF TV network.

Since launch, ATF has published 4,000 news articles, written by its global team of writers and editors and also by invited expert commentators, and also almost 100 TV interviews produced in the ATF TV studios in London and Delhi.


ATF owner CLI is a fully integrated financial services and media company with a focus on institutional product and fund management across uncaptured Asian markets and thematics.

CLI’s mission has always been to globally launch the first Asia media branded ecosystem and this new brand identity dynamically captures the group’s modern, innovative and Asian-focused spirit.

The new branding and index launches further enable ATF to give modern Asia a unique, local and truly credible media voice.

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