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Australian Town Sees Record High Temperature of 50.7C

The coastal town of Onslow hit the blistering high on Thursday afternoon and such temperatures could become commonplace in Australia due to global warming

The community gym in Onslow, where temperatures soared to a national record. Photo: Shire of Ashburton


A remote town in Western Australia has equalled the country’s hottest day on record, reporting a scorching 50.7 degrees Celsius (123.2 degrees Fahrenheit), the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Such temperatures could become commonplace in Australia due to global warming, the country’s Climate Council warned.

The coastal town of Onslow hit the blistering high on Thursday afternoon.

“New Western Australian maximum temperature record and equal national temperature record!” the state’s Bureau of Meteorology posted on Twitter.

“Onslow reached an unprecedented 50.7C which is a WA record and equals Australia’s hottest day set 62 years ago in Oodnadatta,” it added, referring to a remote desert town in South Australia.


Heatwaves a ‘Silent Killer’

Climate Council research director Martin Rice said the record was “part of a long-term warming trend driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas”.

He said extreme temperatures were already having “deadly catastrophic consequences” in Australia. “Heatwaves are the silent killer in Australia, they cause more deaths than any other extreme weather events,” he said.

Australia has experienced a summer with bushfires in the country’s west and deadly flooding on the eastern coast.

Rice said that, without a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, such record temperatures could become commonplace in Australia. “In Sydney and Melbourne, we will see 50-degree summer days by 2030,” he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology is expected to confirm the record officially on Friday afternoon after quality control checks are completed.


  • AFP with additional editing by Jim Pollard




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