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AF TV – Can Asia become the global NFT hub?

NFTs or Non-Fungible-Tokens are tradeable, uniquely identifiable, secure versions of a digital asset, including jpegs and videos, that come in many forms. They can range from digital art and photos to even a song. Any unique creation can be a non-fungible (non-interchangeable) token with monetary value.

In 2021, Asia not only accounted for most of NFT-based web traffic but also 35% of the $22 billion worth of global trade in the digital files. Users from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and South Korea most frequently searched for NFTs, while countries like Venezuela, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia led the adoption of NFT play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity.

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People around the world are spending millions of dollars at NFT marketplaces to buy NFT collectibles. Collectors and digital artists can use crypto wallets like Ethereum blockchain-based Metamask to buy and sell nfts.


Eetika Kapoor

Eetika Kapoor is an India-based multimedia journalist for Asia Financial. Currently covering fintech and new economy, her articles were previously featured in The Hindu, Economic Times, Times of India, India News. You can tweet to her at @EetikaKapoor or mail her at [email protected]

Ankur Tanwar

After graduating as a Computer Science student and having worked as Data Analyst for two years, Ankur made the switch to the film and entertainment industry. With an affinity for understanding and managing software, Ankur found a talent for video editing and has worked for Asia Financial since launch, as a Video Editor and Producer. Ankur is in charge of the AF TV production unit based in Delhi.


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