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China and Russia in Dispute Over Joint $50bn Jet Project – SCMP

The two nations disagree about how much they should collaborate with Western firms and how to share the profits


A $50 billion passenger jet partnership between China and Russia looks increasingly precarious, reported the South China Morning Post, as the two nations struggle to overcome tensions over sharing profits and the participation of Western firms.

China is keen for the CR-969 jet to feature components from American or European manufacturers to ensure it meets air control standards to be flown in the West, the report said. Meanwhile Russia insists on using its own parts, it added, and is unhappy with China’s unwillingness to share future profits from its domestic market.

Read the full report: South China Morning Post.


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Alfie Habershon

Alfie is a Reporter at Asia Financial. He previously lived in Mumbai reporting on India's economy and healthcare for data journalism initiative IndiaSpend, as well as having worked for London based Tortoise Media.


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