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China Slaps Tariffs on Key US Industrial Compound

Penalties applied after authorities were “preliminarily determining that there was dumping of imported polyphenylene ether”

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China's Ministry of Commerce applied the tariffs. Photo: Reuters


China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday it will impose anti-dumping tariffs on a key industrial compound imported from the US.

The ministry said in a statement that authorities “preliminarily (determined) that there was dumping of imported polyphenylene ether originating in the US, and the domestic polyphenylene ether industry was affected by dumping”.

The tariffs would take effect from Friday, the ministry added.

Globally, the polyphenylene ether market was estimated at $1.3 billion in 2020 and is slated to surpass $2 billion by 2027. Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing market with expected revenue of $950 billion by 2027.

The electrical and electronics and healthcare industries are also expected to register high demand. The rising demand for electrical vehicles around the world is also anticipated to drive the polyphenylene ether market.

Polyphenylene ether alloys are also used in industrial applications and are preferred over metal to reduce corrosion and increase equipment life.

The compound is blended with polyamide to produce thermoplastics that can be used in medical devices, meeting the need for hard, flexible, and lightweight materials at affordable prices.


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