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China’s New AI Power Grid Cuts Blackouts to Three Seconds – SCMP

The AI-driven power grid service can cut residential blackouts from six to 10 hours to just three seconds, once implemented, the report said

AI-driven power grid service can fix blackouts in just three seconds, report says.
China has developed a power grid service driven by artificial intelligence that can dramatically cut delays caused by blackouts, which are actually rare in Chinese cities. AFP file photo.


China has introduced its most powerful electricity distribution system driven by artificial intelligence on Tuesday, the South China Morning Post reported, citing a story by Science and Technology Daily.

The new state power grid service can cut residential blackouts from between six to 10 hours to just three seconds, according to the report, which said the system’s autonomous decision making was tested on a small community in Urumqi, and requires no human input. It said China generates a third of the electricity in the world, more than the US, India, Russia and Japan combined.

Full story: South China Morning Post.



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