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Deepfake of Dead Indonesian Leader Used in Vote Appeal – CNN

A senior Golkar party official said they used the image of the dictator Suharto, who died 15 years ago, to ensure Indonesians vote in the national election on Wednesday

A screenshot of video posted on X using an AI deepfake of Indonesian dictator Suharto. Photo: Erwin Aksa / X


One of Indonesia’s oldest political parties used a ‘deepfake’ generated by artificial intelligence of Suharto, the country’s former dictator — who died in 2008 —  to appeal for votes in the country’s upcoming election, CNN reported.

Indonesians will go to vote on Wednesday, in the world’s largest single-day polling process that will see 18 parties compete. Erwin Aksa, deputy chairman of Indonesian party Golkar, who posted the video to X, told CNN that the video was an attempt to urge citizens to ensure they cast their vote in the election. But critics say the video was a “morally wrong” attempt “to fool and scare” voters into polling for a candidate backed by Golkar — a party seen as “synonymous with Suharto,” CNN said.

Read the full report: CNN.





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