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Latest News: Oil & Gas

Transport, Logistics Feel the Heat As Oil Prices Spike – ST
Russia Taps India For Investment in Oil and Gas Sector
Russian Oil Company Waives Payment Guarantee to Skirt Sanctions
Saudi Aramco to Build ‘Major’ Refinery Complex in China
Sanctions Limiting China’s Access to Russian Oil, Says Yellen
South Korea Posts Trade Deficit as Commodity Prices Soar
Japan’s Fossil Fuel Dependence Complicates Russia Ban
Japan Threatens to Pull Out of Russia’s Sakhalin Projects
Fragile Air Travel Recovery Skids on Jet Fuel Price Surge
Asian Oil Refineries to Boost Output to Cash In on Boom
Biden Bans Russia Oil Imports To US, UK To Phase Out Supply
Japan in Talks With US, Europe on Banning Russian Oil – Kyodo

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