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Evergrande Chief Voice Clip Put on WeChat Amid Suicide Rumour – SCMP

A voice clip of Hui Ka-Yan was posted on social media on Friday just as rumours circulated that he had jumped off a building on the mainland, report says

China Evergrande boss was still ordering staff to finish projects quicker and ramp up marketing on Friday. Reports he had jumped off a building were denied.
China Evergrande boss Hui Ka Yan, who is known as Xu Jaiyen on the mainland, was still giving out orders to executives on Friday. Reports he had died were groundless, sources close to the company said. Photo: AFP.


A voice clip of China Evergrande boss Hui Ka-Yan was posted on WeChat on Friday in an apparent bid to debunk rumours that the head of the world’s most indebted developer had committed suicide, according to a report by the South China Morning Post, which said the businessman instructed executives to speed up construction work and step up marketing to help the company sell its way out of its financial woes.

The clip, bearing a time stamp of 1:33pm, emerged “just as a rumour began circulating that Hui had jumped off a building in the Hunan provincial capital of Changsha”, the report said, noting that sources close to the company said the rumour was groundless and that Hui was still meting out instructions to his senior executives.

Read the full report: SCMP.



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