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Latest News: AI

South Korea to Announce $7 Billion Package For Chip Industry
AI Can’t Be Trusted to Set Interest Rates – Yet: Bank Chief
New Huawei Phone Shows US Sanctions May Be Working
US May Deny China, Russia Access to Advanced AI Models
US Scraps Chipmakers’ Export Licences to Sell to China’s Huawei
Apple Working With TSMC to Make its Own AI Chips: WSJ
Warren Buffett Likens AI to the Atomic Bomb — Quartz
Massive Inflows Into Taiwan ETFs Spark Volatility Concerns
US Asks China to Declare AI Will Never Control Its Nuclear Arms
Qualcomm Rises on Surge in Demand for AI Chips in China
Apple to Focus on China, Roll Out AI iPhones to Revive Sales
Microsoft Ramps up Cloud, AI, Data Centre Investment in SE Asia

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