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Latest News: AI

China Sees Smart Glasses Popularity Rise – Pandaily
China’s Communist Party Puts Scientists Into Top Roles – SCMP
Xi Puts Tech First in China’s Development Goals – SCMP
Japan’s Sony And Honda Team up to Make Luxury EV
Malaysia Turns to Tech to Solve Palm Fruit Labour Shortage
Experts Unimpressed With Tesla’s Humanoid Robots – AP
South Korea Set to Triple Arms Exports in Two Years – Nikkei
Former Chicago Student Convicted of Spying For China – Tribune
China’s Child Smartwatch Market Doubles Over 4 Years – Nikkei
China Eyes Domestic Solution to US AI Chips Curbs – SCMP
Japan to Change Floppy Disk Data Storage Rules – Nikkei
China Tech Giant Baidu Unveils Quantum Computer Qianshi

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