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Latest News: AI

TSMC Sees ‘Golden Age’, With AI Fuelling 10% Chip Growth
Microsoft Says UAE Deal Could See Transfer of US Chips, AI Tech
Google, Meta, Microsoft, Others Agree on AI ‘Red Lines’
Alibaba, Baidu Slash Price of Language Models Used With AI Bots
US Trials of AI-Piloted Fighter Jets Worrying China – ZM
Microsoft Asks China AI Staff if They Want to Shift Abroad
Chinese Firms Close in on High-End AI Memory Chips Coup
AI Hitting Job Markets Like a ‘Tsunami’, Says IMF Chief
Japan’s SoftBank In Profit Bounceback Despite Vision Fund Hit
TikTok to Label AI-Created Content Made by Likes of OpenAI
US And China Set to Discuss AI Risks at Geneva Meeting
South Korea to Announce $7 Billion Package For Chip Industry

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