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Latest News: Health

US Companies in Shanghai Slash Revenue Outlooks, Survey Shows
China’s $318bn Gamble to Save Its Economy From Lockdowns
Beijing’s Rebel Covid Spreader Blamed for Tighter Curbs
China Mass Covid Testing Drains Finances – Washington Post
Clouds Loom Over China’s Future in ‘Miracle City’ Shenzhen
Beijing’s Race to Contain Outbreak Raises Growth Concerns
Beijing Aid Props up China Logistics Sector – People’s Daily
Beijing to Launch Covid Mass Testing in Struggle With Bar Outbreak
Millions of Shanghai Residents Brace for Weekend of Covid-19 Tests
Tesla’s China Production Could Fall 33% in Second Quarter
New WHO Report Points to Bats as Covid-19 Source – NYT
China Factory Gate Inflation Rises at Slowest Pace in 14 Months

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