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Honda Looking at Supply Chain Separate from China – Sankei

Production hubs in China have seen output hit by Covid-related lockdowns in Shanghai. There is also deep concern about the impact of growing tensions between the US and China.

Honda Motor is allegedly looking at building a supply chain outside China because of Covid impacts and geopolitical tensions.
The Japanese auto maker is allegedly considering a second supply chain outside of China. File photo: Reuters.


Japan’s Honda Motor Company is considering creating a separate supply chain that would lower its dependence on China, the Sankei newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The move comes as Japanese manufacturers, who have built extensive production hubs in China in recent years, have seen output snarled by Covid-related lockdowns in Shanghai. There are also deepening worries about the impact of growing tensions between the United States and China.

Honda would continue to keep its supply chain in China for the domestic market in the world’s second-largest economy, the report by Sankei said, which did not reveal its source.

Read the full report: Sankei.

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