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HSBC Asian Spinoff Could Reap $26bn – The Sunday Times

In Toto Consulting looks at three options: spinning off HSBC’s Asian business; separately listing 25% of the unit; or floating a quarter of the Hong Kong retail business

HSBC said it will refocus its efforts on countries where it can grow, continuing a strategy of leaving non-core markets in recent years. File photo: Reuters


HSBC could offer shareholders up to $26.5 billion in extra returns if it spins off its Asian business, The Sunday Times reported, citing a research report allegedly commissioned by Chinese insurer Ping An, which wants to break up the lender.

The research, by Hong Kong’s In Toto Consulting, looks at three options, the UK paper said: spinning off HSBC’s Asian business entirely; separately listing 25% of the unit; or floating a quarter of just the Hong Kong retail business.


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George Russell

George Russell is a freelance writer and editor based in Hong Kong who has lived in Asia since 1996. His work has been published in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Post, Variety, Forbes and the South China Morning Post.


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