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Huawei outlines vision for robo-cars

Huawei's revenue for the year is expected to come in at $91.53 billion.
Huawei's revenue for the year is expected to come in at $91.53 billion.

(ATF) Huawei is seeking to accelerate the 5G network protocol’s commercial use in the auto industry, the Securities Times reported on Monday.

According to the paper, the “5G automobile ecosphere” is a result of cooperation between Huawei and 18 automakers, including the First Automobile Group, Chang’an Automobile, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, SAIC Motor Corporation, Guangzhou Automobile Group, BYD Auto, Great Wall Motors, Chery Holdings and JAC Motors.

The paper said the concept can possibly be expanded.

The 5G automobile ecosphere will see Huawei enlarge its advantage in the 5G field by exploiting the car-to-internet market and providing automakers with vehicle-mounted 5G MH5000 modules and car-carried terminal T-Box and services, the paper wrote.

“The ultimate goal of ours is to achieve thorough self-driving,” Huawei director Xu Zhijun said last year. “We can accomplish everything that Tesla is now doing.”

The “5G automobile ecosphere” is part of Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy; 1 refers to smartphones, 8 refers to car-mounted computers, smart speakers, earphones, wrist watches, tablets, big screens, PCs and AR/VR, while N stands for other devices of the Internet of Things.


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