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Huaxia Xingfu plans to 5 billion yuan of corporate bonds

(ATF) – The Shanghai Stock Exchange’s corporate bond project information platform revealed on March 12 that it has accepted 5 billion yuan of corporate bonds announced on February 21 by the industrial city operator Huaxia Xingfu Foundation Co Ltd (Huaxia Happiness 600340.SH).

The total amount of corporate bonds issued by Huaxia Xingfu is RMB 5 billion, and it is intended to be issued in instalments; using a fixed rate, single interest to be paid annually and the interest rate to be negotiated and determined by the issuer and the lead underwriter based on the results of the offline interest rate inquiry within a preset interest rate range.

The bond has a maturity of no more than 10 years, and can be a single maturity type or a multi-maturity hybrid type. After deducting the issuance expenses, it is intended to be used to repay interest-bearing debts such as corporate bonds due or resold.

The bond’s credit rating is AAA, the lead underwriter is CITIC Securities Co Ltd and the joint lead underwriters are China International Capital Corporation and China Everbright Securities Co Ltd.

As of the end of September 2019, Huaxia Xingfu Industrial Park had signed a total of 3,080 enterprises and had a total investment of 835.39 billion yuan. The company has accumulated a total of 15 core urban areas and nearly 80 industrial new cities nationwide.


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