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‘Hydrogen Valley’ set to boom

(ATF) Guangzhou, capital of south China’s Guangdong Province, announced Thursday that its hydrogen energy industry is expected to reach 200 billion yuan ($28.6 billion) by 2030.

The provincial capital is intensifying efforts to develop a sophisticated hydrogen energy industrial system to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and fill the gap in limited sources of sustainable energy, Chen Jianrong, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, told a press conference.

Guangzhou plans to build a hydrogen energy industrial chain with a production value of more than 60bn yuan by 2025, and an industrial system that consists of production, storage, transaction and application, according to the press conference.

Energy obtained from the gas in fuel cells is being promoted in the region, which has been dubbed Hydrogen Valley. Municipal governments are increasingly populating their transport fleets with with fuel cell-powered cars, vans and buses. 

More than 20 hydrogen energy projects with investment totaling at least 4bn yuan have been introduced in the city.

The city will further explore the use of energy in fields such as public transport, drones, mechanical equipment, and shipping in the near future.

China has enhanced policy support for research and development in hydrogen fuel cells in recent years, said Li Can of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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