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India the World Leader in Internet Shutdowns in 2023 – Print

One switch-off in the northestern state of Manipur lasted for more than 200 days following communal clashes in May

India's smartphone market contracted by 10% in the third quarter from last year as prices skyrocketed, market research firm IDC said on Monday.
India lost more than 6,000 hours to internet shutdowns last year.


India led the world last year by shutting down its internet more times than any other country at an estimated cost of around $2.8 billion to its economy, The Print reported.

The Internet Society Pulse’s NetLoss Calculator estimates the impact of net shutdowns on “a range of economic, social, and other outcomes” and put the risk of shutdowns in India at 16.2%, one of the highest globally last year.

According to data produced by Top10VPN.com, the report went on, in 2023, India suffered direct losses of $481.6 million with 6,000 plus hours of internet shutdowns affecting 56.7 million people.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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