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Adani Group Prepays $900m of Share-Backed Financing
US Must Explain ‘Destruction of Taiwan’: Qin Gang – SCMP
US Rate Hike Fears Spur Big Japanese Selloff of Foreign Stocks
India-Russia Oil Deals Erode Dollar’s Currency Dominance
China Plans New Financial Regulator, to Scrap Banking Watchdog
China Exports, Imports Slump in First 2 Months as Demand Sinks
China’s Xi Admits Mixed Feelings on CATL’s EV Battery Success
Xi’s Right Hand Man, Li Qiang, to be China’s Next Premier
Chinese Minister Warns US: ‘Mistaken’ Policies Risk ‘Conflict’
Chinese Firms Holding Dollars as Hedge if Yuan Loses Value
TikTok Row: China Says US Seeks to Curb its Right to Develop
Money Alone Can’t Rescue China’s Chip Sector, Experts Say

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