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Japan Plans to Beam Solar Power From Space by 2025 – engadget

The country made a breakthrough in space-based solar energy back in 2015 and now says it’s just two years away from making it a reality

Sun 'canyon of fire' sends solar wind at Earth
Using orbital solar panels and microwaves to send energy to Earth was first proposed in 1968.


Japan could be just two years away from beaming the Sun’s rays from space to solar power-generating sites on the Earth’s surface, engadget has reported.

Tokyo and JAXA, the country’s space administration, have spent decades working on sourcing solar energy from space and according to the report, citing the Nikkei, the public-private partnership is close to being able to deploy a series of small satellites in orbit which would deflect the solar energy to arrays hundreds of miles away.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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