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Japan to Spend $107bn to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Use – AP

Japan plans to spend $107 billion over the next two decades to boost the production of hydrogen fuel by six times more than planned, it said on Tuesday

Japan plays to bolster the use of hydrogen over the coming two decades, it said on Tuesday.
A man fills a vehicle with hydrogen fuel at a Shell station in Canada in May 2021. Photo: Reuters.


The Japanese government plans to use more hydrogen as fuel amid efforts to slash carbon emissions and aims to boost the annual supply by six times the current level to 12 million tons by 2040, according to an AP report run by TechXplore, which said it would outlay 15 trillion yen ($107 billion) in funding from private and public sources to build up hydrogen supply chains over the next 15 years.

The new plan will have nine strategic areas, such as development of water electrolysis equipment, fuel storage batteries and large-size tankers for transporting hydrogen, the report said, and quoted chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno as saying on Tuesday: “Hydrogen is an industrial sector that can make a triple achievement of decarbonization, stable energy supply and economic growth in one shot. We will promote (hydrogen) on a large scale, both demand and supply.”

Read the full report: TechXplore/AP.




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