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Lawsuit Says China Officials Had Access to TikTok’s US Data – CNN

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance allowed a Chinese Communist Party unit to censor content and access all TikTok data, a lawsuit filed in the US on Friday alleges.

China's flags are seen near a TikTok logo in this illustration picture
China's flags are seen near a TikTok logo in this illustration picture. Photo: Reuters


China’s Communist Party had access to all data held by Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, including material on servers in the United States, according to reports on a lawsuit filed by Yintao ‘Roger’ Yu, a former employee who has accused the company of wrongful termination in November 2018.

The suit filed on Friday in San Francisco’s Superior Court alleges ByteDance gave a “backdoor channel” that allowed CCP officials inside the company to censor content and access TikTok data even if it was hosted by a US company with servers located in the US, the reports say, adding that “Chinese law requires the company to grant access to user data to the Chinese government.” Bytedance denies the lawsuit and has vowed to fight it.

Read the full report: CNN.




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