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Latest News: ESG

Climate Change Controversy Banker Quits HSBC
Exxon Supplies First Sustainable Jet Fuel Cargo to Singapore
ESG Rules Stop Defence Investment, ‘Help China’ – Telegraph
Sony, Honda Joint Venture to Roll Out Electric Cars by 2025
China Oil and Gas Firm Readies First Offshore Carbon Capture Site
China’s Mutual Funds Urged to Focus on Long-Term Gains
Singapore to Launch Sustainable Jet Fuel Credit System
Temasek Pledges $5bn for Green Funding Arm – Straits Times
Musk Plan for a Million on Mars by 2050 a Delusion – Gizmodo
Biden to Lift Tariffs for Two Years on ASEAN Solar Panels
Tesla’s Elon Musk Criticised Over Back-to-Work Order
Ant Group Names HKEX Chair Laura Cha to Board

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