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Musk’s Starlink Spurs Taiwan Satellite Internet Plan – Fortune

Taiwan plans to set up its own satelite internet service after seeing the dramatic impact that Musk’s Starlink service had on the war in Ukraine

A growing list of shipping owners have been drawn to Musk's internet communications service provided by SpaceX's low-earth orbit satellites, a new report says.
The internet service provided by Starlink satellites is attracting a growing list of big shipping groups who want fast internet for crews on their vessels. File photo: Reuters.


The success of the Elon Musk’s satellite internet service – offered to Ukraine by his company Starlink – has inspired Taiwan to build its own satellite internet service, according to reports by Fortune, which said a big reason for Ukraine’s success and Russia’s disastrous war “has been the stable internet connections provided by the Starlink satellite system from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which has allowed Kyiv to say in contact with troops despite Russian attacks on communications infrastructure”.

Taipei now plans to build its own version of Starlink, it said citing a Financial Times report that quoted three sources who said Taiwan’s space agency TASA is in early talks with domestic and international investors to raise money for the project, adding that it would “spin our low-Earth orbit satellite communications project off into a company.”

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