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Latest News: Asia

TSMC Seeks Clarity From US Amid Chips Act Subsidy Concerns
Indonesia Keen to Sign Trade Deal With US on Key Minerals
Tesla to Make Energy Storage Batteries at New Shanghai Plant
India Plans 5 Annual Tenders for 50GW of Renewables – PV Mag
China Stages Military Drills Around Taiwan Over Tsai’s US Trip
UN Urges World to Help the Starving in Forgotten Asian Crises
China Envoys ‘Grab’ Billions in Unprecedented Push for Deals
China Contemplating Export Ban on Rare-Earth Magnets: Nikkei
‘Hello Mumbai’: Apple Reveals Look of First India Retail Store
Twitter Blocks Accounts of Over 100 ‘Modi Critics’ – Guardian
India Emits Record CO2 in Fastest Power Output Rise in 33 Years
Samsung Quarterly Profit Set to Tank 92% Amid Chip Downturn

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