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US May Deny China, Russia Access to Advanced AI Models

US officials are looking to restrict the export of closed source AI models to China, Russia and other rivals, sources say, but there is uncertainty on the regulatory set-up it seeks to impose

An illustration to depict artificial intelligence and related technology development by China
The American intelligence community, think tanks and academics are increasingly concerned about risks posed by foreign bad actors gaining access to advanced AI capabilities. Photo: Freepik; edited by Aarushi Agrawal


The United States is looking to expand the guardrails around its development of artificial intelligence – to deny China, Russia and other states of concern access to its most advanced AI models.

The Biden administration has preliminary plans to safeguard the core software of AI systems like ChatGPT, sources have revealed.

The Commerce Department is considering a new regulatory push to restrict the export of proprietary or closed source AI models, whose software and the data it is trained on are kept under wraps, three people familiar with the matter said.


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Focus on AI models’ computing power

If used, it would likely only restrict the export of models that have yet to be released, since none are thought to have reached the threshold yet, though Google’s Gemini Ultra is seen as being close, according to EpochAI, a research institute tracking AI trends.


  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard



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