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Latest News: China

China Asks Residents to Stay Put For Spring Festival – Global Times
New Oriental Laid Off 60,000 After China’s Education Crackdown
Gulf Ministers Visit China Amid Energy Security Concerns
China Iron Ore Futures Fall Amid Spike in Omicron Cases
Shimao Puts All Projects On Sale as China Property Woes Deepen
Modern Land Shares Plunge As Bondholders Seek Early Repayment
GCC Ministers’ China Visit to Boost FTA – Global Times
Millions of Chinese Wrestle with Lunar New Year Dilemma – SCMP
Sri Lanka Seeks Rejig of China Debt to Avoid Default
China Pledges $63m in Infrastructure, Aid in Maldives
Sri Lanka Bows to Chinese Pressure Over Fertiliser
Expatriate Exodus From Hong Kong Continues – SCMP

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