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Latest News: West Asia

Risk of ‘Environmental Catastrophe’ from Ship Sunk in Red Sea
IM Motors Raises $1.1bn in Major China EV Brand Deal
China Upset at US Sanctions on Firms For Russia Dealings
Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Maker in Saudi Fund Tie-Up
Google Set to Launch Satellite to Pinpoint Methane Emission Sites
Red Sea Crisis Hurting Indian Exporters As Rivals Nab Business
EU Looking to Sanction Chinese, India, HK Firms Over Russia Ties
Energy Veteran Named Envoy For India-Middle East Corridor to EU
Altman’s AI Chips Plan Could Cost Trillions, Not Billions – WSJ
Israel’s Tower Proposes $8bn Chip Plant in India – Express
Indonesian Plan to Buy ‘Old’ Fighter Jets Shot Down After Criticism
Candidates Allied to Khan Demand Release of Pakistan Poll Results

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