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Latest News: West Asia

Firms Backing China’s PLA Pilots, Missiles Hit in US Crackdown
Shipments of Russian Gold to UAE Soar Since Ukraine War
IMF Working on Bailout to Avoid Economic Collapse in Pakistan
Twitter Change Spurs Surge of Russian, Chinese Propaganda – AP
China Telecoms to Fund ‘Rival’ $500m Undersea Cable to Asia
UN Urges World to Help the Starving in Forgotten Asian Crises
China Settles First LNG Trade in Yuan in Latest Hit to Dollar
Israel’s Judicial Crisis Fast Becoming an Economic Concern
US Adds 28 Chinese Firms, 10 Others to Trade Blacklist
Two Abu Dhabi Firms to Pay $1.8bn in 1MDB Settlement
Pakistan Set for 33% Inflation in First Half of 2023: Moody’s
India’s Adani Bids to Reassure Investors as Rout Continues

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