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Latest News: West Asia

China Ramping up Its Nuclear Power Capacity – Xinhua
Taliban Sounds Out China’s Huawei on Mass Surveillance Plan
India, US, Saudi, EU Sign Ports Deal To Counter China Amid G20
Tesla Unveils its Revamped Model 3 Sedan at Beijing Trade Fair
China Secures $1.33bn of Saudi Construction Deals – Cradle
China, Saudi Seen in Talks for ETF Cross-Listings to Boost Ties
India, UAE Agree to Ditch the Dollar, Settle Trade in Rupees
Global Warming Rocks the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau – China Dialogue
Pakistan Wins Initial IMF Agreement on Vital $3-Billion Bailout
Pakistan in China Nuke Plant Deal, Talks to UAE on Port Sale
World Bank Should Add Disaster Clauses to Debt Deals: Yellen
Firms Backing China’s PLA Pilots, Missiles Hit in US Crackdown

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