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Singapore Drugmaker Launches Blockchain-Based Verifier

The company said governments and private customers can instantly verify the provenance and authenticity of vaccines and other drugs

Zuellig Pharma is Moderna's supply partner for Covid-19 vaccines in Southeast Asia. Photo: Reuters


Zuellig Pharma, a Singapore-based medical services company, has launched a blockchain-based tracking system that can prevent accidents such as using expired Covid-19 vaccines.

The company said that governments and private customers can instantly verify the provenance and authenticity of vaccines and other drugs and health care products using its eZTracker management system.

“Over the past few years, Zuellig Pharma has been working on a blockchain-based solution to address this troubling issue,” the company said in a statement.

“We recently launched the eZTracker – the first application in Asia that allows any user to trace a product’s origins and authenticity just by scanning its packaging.”

The system uses blockchain technology to capture, track and trace multiple data points for products scubas vaccines to improve supply chain transparency.

The system provides instant verification via a mobile app.

“If an unregistered product is detected, Zuellig Pharma and the drug’s legitimate manufacturer are immediately notified and can bring this up with the relevant authorities,” the company said.

The eZTracker is also useful in supporting product recalls, Zuellig added.

“While previous efforts would have taken weeks to detect and withdraw a defective batch of drugs from a market, the eZTracker provides an immediate solution which can be used by numerous users to quickly remove the specific drugs in question.”

Zuellig said the ability to confirm product authenticity in real time enables doctors to administer drugs with confidence and patients can trust that they’re consuming legitimate products.

“The eZTracker also provides information about the medicine, including expiry dates and storage instructions,” Zuellig said.


  • George Russell



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