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SpaceX to Assess Space Debris Found in Australia – ABC

SpaceX will assess if parts of its Dragon capsule landed on farms near Canberra on July 9, while debris from a Chinese rocket may have landed in Southeast Asia just a week ago

SpaceX will send a team to assess if parts of one of its rockets landed in eastern Australia.
Rockets have been flying thick and fast in recent months, both near Taiwan and into space via Elon Musk's SpaceX and China's ambitious space initiatives. Photo: Reuters.


A senior director of Elon Musk’s SpaceX told a conference on August 4 that a company team will travel to eastern Australia to assess whether fragments of the company’s Dragon capsule landed on farms in the Snowy Mountains near Canberra after the spacecraft re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere on July 9, a report by the Australian Broadcasting Commission said on Sunday.

Benjamin Reed was quoted as saying SpaceX had been discussing the incident with the US Federal Aviation Administration and the Australian Space Agency as the report of space debris was “within expectations’, while noting that “the important news is, of course, there was no injury or damage.”

The news comes amid separate reports of Chinese rocket parts and space debris in several countries in Southeast Asia – allegedly from a Long March 5B rocket that landed in Borneo Island in both Malaysia and Indonesia, plus the Philippines a week ago, according to a report by Business Insider published by Yahoo News and a range of other outlets.

Read the full report: ABC News.



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Jim Pollard

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