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Latest News: Chip Shortage

US, Japan Chips Alliance Aims to Thwart China Ambitions
US Senate Passes Semiconductors Subsidy Legislation
US Advances Bill With $52 Billion Subsidies for Chipmakers
Chip Shortage in China Could Curb Its EV Momentum
US Senate to Vote on Semiconductor Bill on Tuesday
Chips, Covid Dampen Japanese Manufacturers’ Confidence
Samsung Shares Rise 3% After Upbeat Quarterly Earnings
US May Hammer China Chip Ambitions With New Curbs Plan
Chipmakers Vexed as US Delays Funds for CHIPS Act – Nikkei
Samsung Starts to Mass Produce Advanced 3-Nanometre Chips
Taiwan’s GlobalWafers to Spend $5bn on US Silicon Wafer Plant
India to Spend Big on Tech So It Isn’t a ‘Hostage’ – Nikkei

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