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TikTok Won’t Vow to Stop Sharing US Data to China – CNN

The chief operating officer of TikTok declined to tell US lawmakers on Wednesday “that the short-form video app will cut off flows of US user data to China”

The US operations of Chinese-owned short-video platform TikTok raise national security concerns, according to FBI director Christopher Wray.
TikTok says the US bill is tantamount to a ban on the app, but proponents say it would simply require a prompt sale to a US owner (Reuters file image).


Vanessa Pappas, the chief operating officer of TikTok, declined to tell US lawmakers on a Senate panel on Wednesday “that the short-form video app will cut off flows of US user data to China”, according to a report by CNN on Wednesday, which said the company promised instead that talks with the US government would satisfy national security worries.

US concerns about user data being sent to China and possibly used to undermine US interests were reinvigorated by a Buzzfeed news report in June based on a leaked meeting audio, that said employees from TikTok’s parent company ByteDance had accessed US user data many times, the report said, adding that TikTok acknowledged this but said cybersecurity controls were overseen by a US-based security team, and that the group was working with its partner Oracle to appease US government concerns.

Read the full report: CNN.




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