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UN Chief Calls For Windfall Tax on Fossil Fuel Firms – AP

Antonio Guterres says a tax on fossil fuel firms – in the oil, gas and coal sectors – would help pay for the fight against global warming

Guterres says oil, gas and coal producers are the "godfathers of climate chaos" (Reuters file image).


United Nations chief Antonio Guterres called this week for a “windfall” tax on the profits made by fossil fuel firms, whom he damned as the “godfathers of climate chaos”, according to a report by Associated Press, which noted that Guterres wants the money to help pay for the fight against global warming.

The UN secretary-general’s speech, for World Environment Day, referred to new data and projections to make a case against Big Oil companies, saying last month was the hottest May ever and the 12th straight monthly record high, the report said.

He also said fossil fuel firms should be banned from advertising, as they had distorted the truth and deceived the public for decades, according to the BBC, who described his remarks as “his most damning condemnation yet of the industries responsible for the bulk of global warming.”

See the full report: AP.


NOTE: This report was expanded on June 7, 2024, to include Guterres’ call for an advertising ban on oil, gas and coal companies.



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