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Xi Puts Tech First in China’s Development Goals – SCMP

Chinese President stressed innovation and hailed progress in the areas of space flight and exploration, quantum information and supercomputers.

Xi Jinping said high technology is the top of all economic policies.
Speaking at the Communist Party congress, Xi said China aims to be among the world's most innovative countries. File photo: Selim Chtayti, pool via Reuters.


Chinese leader Xi Jinping said high technology is at the “top of all economic priorities” as he spelt out the country’s development goals for 2035, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

Speaking at his ruling party’s once-in-five-year congress, Xi said China aims to be among the world’s most innovative countries, according to the report, while hailing progress in sectors such space flight, satellite navigation, quantum information and supercomputers.

Read the full report: The South China Morning Post.



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Alfie Habershon

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