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Biden: Foxconn, Trump’s US Factory ‘Was Just a Con’ – ABC

The president took aim at his predecessor Donald Trump for the failed Foxconn project as he visited what is now Microsoft’s new site in Wisconsin

President Biden issued an executive order barring some new US investments in China in sensitive tech areas this week.
President Joe Biden hit out at his predecessor Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters


President Joe Biden has claimed that Taiwanese giant Foxconn’s plans for an electronics production hub in the US, which secured billions in tax credits and promised thousands of jobs, was “a con”, ABC News reported.

Biden hit out as he announced a $3.3 billion investment from Microsoft to build a new artificial intelligence facility on the same site where, in 2018, then President Trump broke ground using a golden shovel on what was supposed to be a signature project under his administration, the story went on.

“They dug a hole with those golden shovels, and then they fell into it,” the president said. “Foxconn turned out to be just … a con.”

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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